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Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder

In Enrique Tomás, as Jamón experts that we are, we know in detail the characteristics of all our products and for this reason we know that the flavor of any Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder (Paleta Gran Reserva) is soft and salty at the same time, with few nuances, but that is delicious and very appealing for palates accustomed to delicate tastes and textures.

The Gran Reserva ham shoulder is obtained from the front legs of white pigs of the Duroc, Landrace or Large White breeds, among others; these are larger than the Iberian pigs, with thicker and less stylized legs and usually white hooves, although the latter does not always have to be the case.

The pigs from which these ham shoulders are obtained have been reared on farms and fed with natural feed, cereals and grass, which explains their fine taste. The dry-curing process of this product is fifteen months and follows the same guidelines as any other ham or ham shoulder. In Enrique Tomás we have the best quality ham shoulders that, in addition to offering them in a whole piece, we also provide them sliced or boneless. We want to give you everything you're looking for!

Dry-curing process of the Paleta Gran Reserva

The Paleta Gran Reserva (ham shoulder)  has a dry-curing process of approximately fifteen months and is longer than most of the curing processes of Serrano ham shoulders that you will find in the market. This is because our producers or “cooks”, as we like to call them in Enrique Tomás, dedicate to each piece the exact time to ensure that its flavor is just what we are looking for and expect to be.

The ham shoulder of non Iberian Jamón is ideal for daily consumption, because its aroma is soft and it has an affordable price for all pockets, so you do not have to wait for a special occasion to give you a treat.

The quality/price ratio is unbeatable and its flavor has few in common with the taste of the rest of the Serrano ham shoulders (paletas) that you can find in other establishments. Once you try our Paleta Gran Reserva you will include it in your diet day in, day out.

How to buy the Paleta Gran Reserva

In Enrique Tomás we have the whole ham shoulders but also sliced or boned, why is it? Very simple. It depends on every one’s needs: buying a ham shoulder to share with family and friends is not the same thing as buying it for a lunch or dinner of a small family.

Our sliced ham shoulders packs are of 80 grams and are sliced by knife by our ham carving experts. This option is ideal for tasting it for one occasion but if you prefer to cut the Paleta yourself, don't worry. We also have available the whole ham shoulders (paletas) for you. As you can see, we have everything for you!

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