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The Jamón is one of the most outstanding heritages of our gastronomy, which is why at Enrique Tomás we aim to respect it and make sure that, regardless of the Jamón you choose, you get the most out of every bite thanks to a quality product, made with the best pigs and cured at the right time. With our four varieties, Gran Reserva, Ibérico de Cebo, Bellota 50% and Bellota 100%, we extol the best of our gastronomic culture to bring you a Jamón that is always delicious to the palate. Elaborated by the best Jamón experts, we invite you to enjoy a unique product from our land.

100% Iberian Ham - Pata Negra

What is a Jamón (Ham)?

When we speak of Jamón, we refer to the result obtained after dry curing the hind leg of a pig. Depending on whether the pig is non-Iberian or Iberian pig and the diet it has fed on, the months of dry curing can vary being 18 months for Jamón de Gran Reserva, 24 months for Jamón Ibérico de Cebo and 36 months for Jamón Bellota 50% and Jamón Bellota 100%.

These variations in the type of animal, its diet and the dry curing time, result in four varieties of jamón with different flavours and nuances, but with one element in common: the exhaustive care at each stage of the process in order to offer a piece always delicious and well dry cured.

The quality of our hams

In Enrique Tomás we have a strict selection process to ensure that each of the legs we choose, both non-Iberian pigs and Iberian pigs, is the ideal to become a delicious jamón that exalts to the maximum this precious banner of our cuisine.

After selecting the suitable leg, it is prepared for salting. The “cook” (Jamón expert) makes a V-shaped cut on the pork rind and decides how much external fat he wants to leave exposed to salt, depending on the height at which the cut is made and the fat left, the jamón will have completely different nuances and a point of salt.

Once this process is completed, the leg is salted for an average of two weeks. From that moment and depending on the type of Jamón that we are going to elaborate, the characteristics of the leg and the flavour that we intend to obtain, the leg will be dry cured in the dryer (special stockroom) from 18 to 36 months until it is optimal for consumption.

A first-class service

In our online shop you will not only be able to select a product with quality guarantee, but we also put at your disposal the best alternatives for you to enjoy it comfortably. You can choose our hams already sliced or opt for the whole piece and request a cut by machine or knife, with a perfect packaging so that you can enjoy the best Jamón in the comfort of your home.

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