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Iberico de cebo de campo Ham

Discover the new flavour of the Iberico Cebo de Campo ham, simply delicious!

With Enrique Tomás you can also try the new Cebo de Campo Iberian Ham, or the old Recebo Iberian Ham, whose name changed in 2014. You have the pleasure of eating an Iberian ham that has been fed on the farm and in freedom with the care and affection of the master ham specialist to give maximum performance to an exclusive product for its intense and juicy flavor. Our Iberico de cebo de campo ham is, as all our ham pieces, guaranteed to enjoy a product of the highest quality and in this case at a very reasonable price. If you haven't tried it yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It is an intermediate step between the same Iberico de cebo as ever and the Iberico bellota ham. We invite you to discover it!

The Iberico de cebo de campo ham, formerly known as Jamón Ibérico de Recebo, is produced from the hind legs of our exclusive Iberian pig, which is born and bred as its name indicates in the Iberian Peninsula. In Enrique Tomás we also offer this category of ham, which like the rest, of cebo and bellota, has a high quality for its precise selection process, curing time of 24 months in the cellar and being fully guaranteed with the real guarantee of Enrique Tomás.

The exceptionality of the Iberico Cebo de Campo ham

As we have told you, this denomination was known until 4 years ago, since 2014, as Recebo, Iberian Recebo Ham. In both cases what differentiates this ham from the rest of Iberico de cebo and bellota ham is the diet of the pigs, or rather the phases in their diet, we will explain it!

They all have something in common and this is the breed, they are of Iberian breed. Having said this, we are implicitly telling you that, by nature, the Iberian pig has the physical capacity to infiltrate fat into the muscle. Thus, the differences will be marked by the breeding and especially the feeding. And once adult, the differences in the palate will be determined by the origin and the "cooking" of the master ham specialist with his special touch as in any gourmet dish that is worthwhile.

If the Iberico de cebo ham is so called because the pig has been fed exclusively with Cebo (fodder), the Iberico Bellota ham because it has been fed with acorn in freedom, the Iberico de cebo de campo, in turn, the pig has fed on also on acorn, but has ended up its growth back with Cebo, hence the previous name of recebo (twice Cebo).

What is iberico recebo ham

As of January 2014, the regulations for ham underwent some changes in the denominations of origin. This change also affected labelling according to food and breed. Thus, what before 2014 we called Recebo ham, later became Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham.

The term CAMPO (field) refers to the release of animals into the pastureland in the growing process, where the animal has fed on acorns, wild fruits.  The term CEBO (fodder) is due to the fact that the pig has eaten forage as the last step in its diet.

You will be able to identify the Iberian products of Cebo de Campo with the characteristic sign of Enrique Tomás and the green label both in piece (bone-in), sliced and in the practical packs. Discover them, their quality and price will surprise you!

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