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Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-ham cubes -400g

Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-ham cubes -400g

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Super tasty ham cubes of Iberian cebo de campo ham, ideal for any meal or to eat simply alone as a snack.

Sachet 400g.

Gluten-free and lactose-free
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Jamón-Ham cubes

Iberian cebo de campo ham cubes

Jamón Ibérico de Cebo de Campo - Selection

Jamón is an art and as such, we treat it very carefully so that all our customers enjoy the magnificent experience of eating jamón. Then, we begin with the mention that the jamón is made from Iberian pigs, animals unique in the world, which have the ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. These pigs have been fed with feed, cereals and vitamins until they have reached 100 kilograms of weight, then they have been released into the pastureland where they have been able to eat freely not only acorns, but also wild fruits, grass and similar. Finally, and this is where the main difference of the Jamón from the rest types of Jamón lays: the fattening process is finished again with feed and cereals.

As for the dry-curing process, after a perfect cooking process, the pieces of jamón de cebo de campo spend a period of 24 months dry curing, so that when you arrive at your table, enjoy a product in the best point of flavour, colour and texture. The quality of the raw material and the delicate treatment of the product, following each process to perfection, is what guarantees us that all the Jamón of Enrique Tomás is the best.

The quality team and Enrique Tomás has made a selection of the best Iberian hams that can be found in the world today. When you taste it, you will notice its high degree of flavour and smoothness.

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