100% Ibérico Bellota Ham Shoulder - Glamurós

100% Ibérico Bellota Ham Shoulder - Glamurós

Origin: Córdoba
Jamón is a true pleasure and as experts in the field, we offer you a fully gourmet Paleta, a piece of Paleta Iberica 100% Bellota that has gone through several quality control processes and has been given the name of Glamurós. Glamurós products are a limited edition of two hundred hams that have been carefully cared for since the very birth of the pig, which has been raised in the pastures of Valle de los Pedroches, in Córdoba. That's where this unique and captivating delicacy has been made, which you can't help but taste.

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What is Jamón Glamurós?

The products called Glamurós are authentic jewels of national Spanish gastronomy. To choose them, each piece of Jamón or Paleta (ham shoulder) has undergone a very exhaustive quality control that starts from the very moment they leave the salting process until they are ready for consumption.

Our specialists, who are true masters in the art of Jamón, identify the pieces that are most likely to achieve excellence very early on. These hams are removed from the first control and analyzed in detail every time there is an option. Not all those who are set apart from the beginning evolve towards excellence, so throughout the 36 months of the dry-curing process only the perfect ones are chosen.

At the end of the process, only the best ones remain. Each year there is a different amount of around 100-200 selected hams. Those that meet all the characteristics of a sensational Jamón Ibérico Bellota, are the ones that our brand, Enrique Tomás, gives them the name of Glamurós. The crown jewel. Quality in its purest form.

Maximum expression of quality

For seven years, all the aspects that affect the elaboration of this piece have been taken care of rigorously: The selection of the best purebred Iberian pigs, the care in the feeding, the growth in freedom in the wonderful meadows of the Valley of the Pedroches, the tasty acorns, fruit of centennial holm oaks and the artisanal care during the 4 years of slow and quiet dry curing.

Excellence Selection

This year, coming from Valley de los Pedroches in Cordoba, the 200 works of art are at your disposal. They have been selected by the greatest specialists that exist in the world of Jamón, as the best pieces of the more than one million pieces produced this season. Tomás Diaz, recognized expert in the world of Jamón, buying broker and trustworthy person of Enrique Tomás began the selection of these 200 pieces 7 years ago together with COVAP. A selection made through the monitoring of the best specimens of 100% purebred Iberian pigs, and year after year has evaluated the evolution of them, seeking perfection to identify these 200 pieces as the expression of excellence.

The Paleta Pata Negra

For a ham or ham shoulder to be considered 100% Iberian acorn-fed, it must have 100% genetic purity of the Iberian breed, which means that its parents must also have 100% Iberian racial purity and must have gained the final fattening in freedom during the Montanera season.

In the Iberian Peninsula we find a very special breed of pigs, the Iberian breed. This type of pig, unique in its kind, has many characteristics that differentiate it from other pigs, but there is a fundamental one: it infiltrates fat into the muscle. This characteristic is what makes an Iberian ham have these white streaks that make it a unique product.

The degree of purity of the pig's breed depends, of course, on the purity of its parents. In such a way that we can consider as any Iberian pig that exceeds 50% purity. For this we need the mother to be 100% pure.

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