Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham Glamurós - Pack 80gr

Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham Glamurós - Pack 80gr

Origin: Córdoba
Vacuum-packed sachet with 80 grams of Glamurós Ham cut with a knife. A unique and totally gourmet ham, specially selected by our experts and with exceptional characteristics. This 100% Iberico de Bellota ham is at the optimum moment of consumption, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the best ham in the world as never before. Quality 100% guaranteed.

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What is Jamón Glamurós?

The products called Glamurós are authentic jewels of national gastronomy. To select them, each piece of ham -Jamón or ham shoulder -paleta has undergone a very exhaustive quality control that starts from the very moment they leave the salting process until they are ready for consumption.

Our specialists, who are true masters in the art of Jamón, identify the pieces that are most likely to achieve excellence very early on. These hams are set apart from the very first control and analysed in great detail every time there is an option. Not all those which are separated from the beginning evolve towards excellence, thus throughout the 36 months of dry-curing only the perfect ones remain set apart.

At the end of the process, there are only the hams worth remaining. Each year there is a different amount of around 100-200 hams. Those that meet all the characteristics of a sensational Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, are the ones that our brand, Enrique Tomás, names with the word Glamurós. The crown jewel. Quality in its purest form.

A unique selection

Can any 100% Iberico de Bellota ham be labelled as Glamurós? The answer is no, and it is because for a ham to bear this distinction, it must have undergone several essential controls:

The process of “coving” the ham: every piece is checked accurately, verifying the nuances, the degree of salt and the aromas.

Aesthetics/shape: to be considered a Glamuros Ham, the piece must have a specific weight and structure.

Curing: The most important characteristic of Glamurós Ham is its momentum. The pieces labelled with this name are in their most optimal period of consumption, where all their goodness will be appreciated in an extraordinary way.

A team of trusted experts, including Enrique Tomás Ruiz himself, is responsible for approving these pieces. Glamurós hams and ham shoulders are always a small number of pieces that are obtained among the thousands of legs that are waiting in our ham “cellars”.

Jamón Pata Negra

When we speak of Jamón as "Pata Negra" we always refer to the purity of the Iberian breed, that is, the pigs from which this product has been obtained are pigs with both Iberian parents, which guarantees that their meat is 100% Iberian. Iberian pigs differ from other pigs and animals in the world because of their capacity to infiltrate fat into the muscle, fat that they obtain thanks to a controlled diet and exercise during the mountain season in the pastures.

Keeping one of our maxims, which says that "the best ham is the one you like the most", we can say that with one of these vacuum packs of sliced Jamón 100% Iberico bellota, you will experience in your own flesh what we mean when we say that Jamón is not for eating, but to enjoy it.

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