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Sant Jordi

If you are looking for an original book to give to your partner or whoever is special to you, then you have come to the right place. Enrique Tomás is offering this Sant Jordi's Day some packs on offer with books to read, to read and eat, to read, eat and drink. Yes, yes, you didn't read wrong, read all the details!

3 Types Paleta/ham shoulder Tasting: 3 Jamón qualities

€29.95 €29.95

The Book of The Jamón Experience

€75.00 €75.00

Bellota 100% Iberian Ham Tasting Box

€103.00 €103.00

The Book of the Jamón Experience- 3 qualities

€49.50 €49.50

copy of Pairing- Red wine Enrique Tomás

€23.00 €23.00

copy of Pairing- Red wine Enrique Tomás

€24.00 €24.00


€16.95 €16.95

Book 'Grandes Mentiras sobre el Jamón'

€15.00 €15.00
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