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7 things you should know before buying Spanish Jamón for Christmas

7 cosas que tienes que saber antes de comprar jamón para Navidad

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Here are 7 things you should know before buying Spanish ham for Christmas. The Iberian ham is the star delicacy of any Christmas table in Spain and that’s why we all wonder when to buy ham for Christmas or what type thereof we should buy. If you want have all the information about it to make your purchase totally safe, pay attention, Enrique Tomás comes to the rescue!

1. The ham is not better than the ham shoulder, they are just different

There are those who believe that ham (back leg) is better than ham shoulder (front leg) because it is more expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth! The first thing you need to know is that ham and ham shoulder are different products. But both are just as good! Ham is produced with the pigs’ hind legs and has a softer flavour, the ham shoulder is produced with the front legs and, as the meat is closer to the bone, it has a more intense taste. Whether you buy a Christmas hamper with your favourite product or buy a pack of sliced ham or a whole piece, the important thing is to buy it in a trustworthy place.

Cesta de Navidad con Paleta de cebo de campo ibérica

Christmas hamper with Iberian cebo de campo Ham shoulder

2. Serrano ham has nothing to do with Iberian ham

This is a confusion that can make us buy pig in a poke (no matter how funny the idiom sounds in this case!). Serrano ham is that which is produced with white pigs while Iberian ham is that which, as its name suggests, is obtained from the authentic Iberian pigs of our peninsula. The main characteristic of this breed is its ability to infiltrate the fat in the muscle and only in Spain and Portugal the necessary conditions are given to ensure the proper development of the pigs and the perfect subsequent production of hams and ham shoulders.

Cerdo Ibérico y Cerdo Blanco

Iberian pig and white pig

3. No Iberian ham is better than the other

“Colours to suit every taste”, all hams are good as long as you enjoy them eating. The nuances of the Salamanca ham, for example, are totally different from those of Cáceres-Badajoz’s. According to your own preferences you will have to choose one type of ham or another. In Enrique Tomás we know that the best ham does not have to be the most expensive but the one you like the most, because enjoying this Iberian delicacy is what is all about. There is no more!

4. Should I buy a whole piece or should I buy it sliced?

The answer is simple, it depends. If you are many at home you can buy it whole and cut it gradually. You have to know that if you have a whole piece (ham or ham shoulder) the ideal is to cut about 150 gr. a day to keep the leg in good condition and continue to provide the nuances and flavours of when it is freshly cut.  If this is not the case, our recommendation is to buy it sliced and vacuum packed, so you don’t have to eat every day if you don’t feel like it. Likewise, if you are few at home you can go for sliced packs. It will be enough to open them a while before to let the slices breathe and reach room temperature if they were in the refrigerator. Then they will be ready!

paleta cebo porta prosciutto

5. If I buy it sliced, with a knife or with a slicer?

The difference between one cut and another is very small and only those who have been consuming for years and years and are fond of learning all about this product will be able to notice it. If you belong to this group, buy it cut with a knife! Otherwise, buy it cut with a slicer, which is also cheaper. It will be just as good!.

pack ahorro jamon

Pack Iberian Jamón with wine

6. If I buy it whole, where do I start?

The answer to this question also depends on how many of you are at home. The part of the babilla is more cured than the part of the mace, so if you are few it is better to start there so that the ham does not spoil. If, on the other hand, there are many of you, you can start with the maza without any problem, it is more tender! Just like they do in bars and restaurants, because they finish it quite quickly and so they serve the juicy part first. To know more about the ham parts, read our post!


Slicing expert of Enrique Tomás

7. When do I buy the Jamón for this Christmas?

If you’re going to buy a whole piece, it’s worth waiting for those dates to come, yet no too long. At Enrique Tomás we sell the legs (hams and hams shoulders) at the perfect time for them to be eaten, so it is worth waiting until those important days, without waiting too long because if you order through our online store, keep in mind that those days the transport collapses a little. As far as the sliced packs are concerned, they can remain unopened for up to three months, so you can buy them from October and store them in the pantry!

Having said that, now you know the seven essential tips for buying ham for Christmas, but do you have any more doubts? If so, contact us without any problem and we will help you immediately! We have a chat on the web if you want to talk to an expert or write us directly to the web. You decide!

Otros idiomas: Español


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