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The best Jamón/Ham of Spain now within your reach!

Enrique Tomás has opened his online store for the US market. We are here to serve you! And to bring to your table our Jamón de Campo Ibérico, our Jamón Bellota Premium, commonly known as Pata Negra or our simplest, but best in its class, our Jamón Gran Reserva, or as it is more popularly known as Jamón Serrano.

Why buy Enrique Tomás Jamón/Ham?

The answer lies in our brand: it bears the name of its founder and creator, Enrique Tomás. A businessman whose career began more than 40 years ago and who has been guided by his passion for Iberian ham, and by his ambition to take it all over the world. We are in Spain, our headquarters are near Barcelona, but our quality and brand have already passed our borders: UK, France, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and now finally our dream of reaching the USA has come true with our stores in Dallas and Puerto Rico. And all USA with our online store. We are proud because if we have arrived till here, it is thanks to our desire to do well and always offer the best quality in product and service to our customers around the world. With our product we want to share gastronomic experiences, unforgettable moments with all those who put their trust in us. As Enrique Tomás himself says, we export pleasure, the pleasure we know best: that of the palate and with a gastronomic jewel such as our Jamón/Ham. Thus, in our online store you will find the three products of ham that are actually three different qualities:

Jamón Gran Reserva: in popular language it is called Jamón Serrano, that is to say, a white, non-Iberian ham. Our Gran Reserva, is a non-Iberian all-rounder.

Jamón de campo ibérico: this Jamón/ham comes from an Iberian pig, raised both in the wild and on a farm. It has eaten fodder and wild fruits, hence the combination of the two names, campo and ibérico. It is of excellent quality, superior to a simple Iberian but does not reach Bellota Premium because the pig has not eaten acorn.

Jamón de Bellota Premiun: this jamón/ham comes from a purebred Iberian pig, that is, both father and mother are also purebred. This translates into a meat that is exclusive in the world, because it is the only animal capable of infiltrating the fat into the muscle; this is the reason why its meat is so juicy and mellow. It has eaten acorn during the last phase of fattening, when the pigs live in the freedom of the Mediterranean pasture for 4 months, exercise, drink water and graze at their leisure.

But there's much more to it than that. We are here for you and thanks to you to explain it further into detail.

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