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Total Guarantee

Our mission is to succeed in making you enjoy the Jamon in the same way that we do since many years ago. Hence why in Enrique Tomas we follow strict quality controls from the very first step in the Jamon production to the final taste by our customers.

The good Iberico ham is elaborated with a lot of care and patience for years. It is a true work of art that we respect and take care of, to bring it to your home with all the properties, aromas and 100% of the characteristic flavour of the Iberico ham from each geographic area.

The secret to make possible that the Enrique Tomás ham gets to your hands in perfect shape is to do things right along the complete ham production process. This is based upon a triple quality control or triple selection.

In Enrique Tomás we have total guarantee labelled in all of our ham/ham shoulders pieces.


What does Enrique Tomas Total Guarantee really mean?

Firstly, the Enrique Tomás Guarantee Seal assures you that the ham piece is good and perfectly dry cured. This seal is a reaffirmation of our commitment to make you enjoy the ham of your choice. Secondly, our ham pieces are submitted to three different quality controls which make us rest assured that everything is in order; yet not all of us have the same tastes and, thus if the costumer does not like the product, we change it for another one. If you taste our ham, you will certainly repeat the experience.

Hereafter, there are summary descriptions of the ham screenings during the different elaboration steps:


Selection in "Secadero" (natural cellar where hams are hung for dry curing)

A group of experts of Enrique Tomás, before purchasing any ham piece, visit all the “secaderos” all over the ham production areas in Spain (Salamanca, Huelva, Cáceres/Badajoz and Córdoba) and taste "jamón" of all the different lots of products until they find perfectly tasty dry-cured ham. Among all the selected pieces, we ask only the needed number of pieces to be sent to our premises at that moment.


Selection in the warehouse

Once the product is in our premises, the group of experts of Enrique Tomás make the "cala" (every ham/ham shoulder is tested about its degree of curing stage) to the ham pieces, to ensure that all of them have the same quality standard; regardless of the fact that they belong to the same group of hams.  If the experts are satisfied with the "jamon", it will be commercially available. Otherwise, if the ham does not meet the required expectations, it will be sent back to the ham producer.


Selection for the customer

At the moment we sell a ham/ham shoulder, our staff members check the ham piece again as a final default screening. Also, the ham that best suits the customer’s taste and expectations will be chosen.

As we are full aware of the fact that, as consumers, we do not have all the same taste, if a client is not satisfied with the ham that he has purchased (in stores or in webpage), we are not satisfied either and we will change it for you right away. 

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