Jamón/Ham Gran Reserva

 To enjoy eating ham, you don't always have to choose the most expensive option. If you want a very good quality ham at a more affordable price, your best alternative is to buy gran reserva Gran Reserva ham. At Enrique Tomás, as ham experts, we believe that the most important thing when selecting our hams is to choose the best quality within each range of ham. We offer top quality hams in each class, whether they are Gran Reserva, Iberian Cebo or Iberian Bellota premium hams. 

Frequent questions

What is the main difference between Serrano ham and Iberian ham?

What is the difference between Spanish Serrano ham and ham from other countries?

Why buy Gran Reserva Serrano ham at Enrique Tomás?

How do I identify Gran Reserva Serrano ham if I want to buy it?

Should I buy gran reserva Serrano ham whole or sliced?

How is gran reserva Serrano ham usually eaten?

How to store gran reserva Serrano ham when it arrives home?

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