Mediterranean food

Mediterranean food is famous all over the world and many people travel to Mediterranean countries to taste the best dishes offered by this type of gastronomy. As you know, even health specialists consider the Mediterranean diet as one of the most complete and varied, the most recommended for a good nutritional health. Spain is one of the most recognized and appreciated Mediterranean food countries in the world, for the quality and freshness of our raw materials and the social and culinary use we make of all of them. But do you know which are the products that can not be missing in Mediterranean food? Here we tell you!

Mediterranean food

Olive oil, an essential in Mediterranean food

Olive oil is the great ally for cooking and seasoning many of the dishes that are typical of Mediterranean food. Olive cultivation is one of the oldest in Spain and is unique in this country. There are many virtues that olive oil brings to our health. Some of them are its amount of oleic acid - a super antioxidant - and its vitamins. Numerous medical studies have shown that it helps prevent diseases and improves the lipid profile, that is, it reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. The most beneficial for health is extra virgin olive oil, which is unrefined and therefore does not lose its protective properties.

In addition, its exquisite flavor gives added value to every dish. It is used both for cooking and for seasoning, although it should not be abused, taking into account its high caloric content, only a 10 ml spoonful is 90 kcl.

One of the most typical gastronomic pleasures of Mediterranean food is, before meals or between courses, to take a slice of bread and add a "drizzle" of extra virgin olive oil. It is there where you will notice the true richness of its flavor and you will be able to enjoy it 100%.

Mediterranean food

Vegetables are the basis of any Mediterranean meal

Vegetables are the protagonist of many of the typical dishes of Spanish cuisine. In the "paella" they are present in the typical "sofrito" made from tomato, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and olive oil. And in the "gazpacho" the vegetables are the base of the mashed vegetables.

Some of the most typical and typical of the Mediterranean diet are those of bright colors such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage or some herbs such as parsley.

In general, vegetables provide us with many benefits from a nutritional point of view. They regulate intestinal transit and stand out for their high water, vitamin and mineral content. We invite you to add them to your daily routine, they will provide you with many nutrients and, in addition, you can cook infinite recipes from them. Cheer up and prepare some of the ones we propose in Enrique Tomás' blog!

Mediterranean food

Red meat is another essential element in every Mediterranean meal

Meat brings together a typology of products with which an infinite number of dishes are cooked within a Mediterranean meal. It is a food group very rich in proteins and an important source of iron, as much in quantity as in quality. And although its consumption must be responsible, it is true that its nutrients are very necessary and help us to prevent diseases. The experts emphasize that to take a balanced diet it is necessary to consume meat 2 or 3 times per week.

The red meats are the protagonists of many meals and they are of the most delicious even if we elaborate them in the simplest way, to the plate or to the grill. One of the unique red meats typical of Spanish Mediterranean cuisine is Iberian pork. In the pork meat we accentuate its contribution of Omega 3 or polyunsaturated acids (that protect the heart). Some of its cuts, such as loin or sirloin, are of excellent quality and very beneficial for health. Discover which are the Iberian meats that we offer you in Enrique Tomás.

Mediterranean food

Let's not forget Spanish ham, a treasure within Mediterranean food. Ham is a symbol of Spanish cuisine and a gastronomic attraction throughout the world. It is a star product that cannot be missing in practically all kitchens and restaurants in our country and we have rooted it in our culture as an essential icon. As we say at Enrique Tomás, ham is nothing more and nothing less than "a leg of pork cured with salt and time". Our star product is Iberian ham, which comes from the Iberian pig, native to the Iberian Peninsula. This type not only attracts us by the name itself, but -once we try it- it is its intense and addictive flavor that conquers us. Find out which ones we offer you in our online store.

Mediterranean food


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