Our goal: get everyone call the Spanish ham by its rightful name, JAMÓN


Enrique Tomás, a self-made businessman

Enrique Tomás, a self-made businessman

It all began about 40 years ago, when Enrique Tomás the businessman, started his first business: a stall in the “La Salut” market in Badalona. From there, to get the more than 100 venues that are currently inside and outside Spain, we have travelled a road full of dreams, with great effort and hard work.

With the same goal from day one, to show the world how to call our king product, by its rightful name, JAMÓN. Enrique Tomás works with passion and humility because we know it is an ambitious goal, but putting Iberian Jamón (Jamón Ibérico) in the place it deserves among the gastronomic jewels of the world is practically a duty, our duty.

Since 1982

If you ask us about the success of the company, we focus on the fact that, at Enrique Tomás, the quality of the products is as important as the team in charge of both taking care and selling them. Without the wonderful human team we have, fulfilling our goal this would be an impossible task.


    Let the world know how it is called, Jamón


    The heart of our company


    Quality + Trust + Customer Service


    We put a lot of enthusiasm into the work we do



Enrique Tomás is the largest Jamón chain in the world and one of the aspects that has allowed us to achieve this, it is our clear principle of guaranteed quality. We have developed a team of professionals who take care of the product from the “secadero” (Jamón cellar) to your home.

In Enrique Tomás every product is pampered from the beginning, we surround ourselves with Jamón artisans and producers who share our passion. When we speak of 3 way selection process, we refer to the three basic phases of treatment of each of the hams types that carry the Enrique Tomás label. The first selection is made directly by the producers, then a second one when the product checks into our warehouse and finally, a third inspection just before sending it to you for your enjoyment.

Our most important task is that all our customers live an experience every time they eat Jamón, so we never get tired of saying that "Jamón is not a food, it is a feeling".

Which one do you prefer?

    • Vacuum sealed sachet
    • Packs
    • Whole leg (bon-in)

    Sachets containing 80 grams (2,83 oz) of the best Iberian products. The amount is ideal for you to enjoy Jamón or other cured meats, alone or accompanied, at their right curing time, without the fear of not eating it in time before they get dry.

    An unbeatable way to encourage you to try a product without having to buy large quantities.


    Aside from the individual sachets you may also find packs which can turn into incredible, edible presents, like our Book of The Jamón Experience.

    A magnificent book which contains a sample of each of our Jamón qualities with an explanation of their origins.


    If you like to slice a Jamón leg and which is more important you know how to do it, you may choose among our three diferent types of Jamón. Make sure that you have all the slicing tools to get started!



Our venues

What started with a small stall in the Salut market is now a brand that, with its more than 100 stores, has set out to bring the Jamón to the world’s knowledge and pleasure. In our venues, you will find a section or market dedicated to the direct sale of product, where buying jamón will be a simple task and our team can guide you when making the decision. Sliced jamón, bone-in pieces, packs, cheese, canned food, wine and much more. Apart from this, there is also a restaurant for you to enjoy the best jamón in the world, with great tapas, sandwiches and a large menu representing the most traditional of Spanish cuisine.

In our establishments you will find a section of shop dedicated to the direct sale of product, where buying jamón will be a simple task and our team can guide you when making the decision. Slices, packs, cheese, wine and much more. Apart from this, there is also a tasting area for you to enjoy the best jamón in the world, with great tapas, sandwiches and our famous jamón cubes and shavings cones.

At present, there are around a hundred specialised jamón venues, mainly in Jamón Iberico. Most of them are found in Spain, but also in places as diverse as London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City to name a few. In the British capital, we have several venues located in such emblematic areas and districts as, Soho and Westfield Stratford, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, as well as shops in airports such as Luton, Barcelona, Madrid, Puerto Rico, Bilbao among others.


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