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Difference between Jamón Ibérico de Bellota and Jamón Ibérico de Cebo

jamon iberico de bellota y jamon iberico de cebo

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The Iberian jamón or jamón ibérico  is all that is obtained from the hind legs of the Iberian pig that is raised exclusively in our peninsula. Thus, it is a unique breed, the Iberian breed, but if we talk about the types of Iberian jamón, do you know the difference between Jamón de Bellota Ibérico and Jamón de cebo ibérico ? Here is our master class on jamón!

What is the difference between Jamón de cebo ibérico and jamón de bellota ibérico?

  1. Jamón: can be classified according to two different aspects: the breed of pig from which the jamón is obtained and the diet of the pigs.
  2. Breed: The breed of the pig mainly determines whether it is a Jamón Gran Reserva, which we call Gran Reserva (from the white pig) or a Jamón ibérico (from the Iberian pig). With regard to the Iberian breed,  for a jamón to be considered Iberian, the mother must be 100% Iberian breed, since it is the one who determines the genetics. If the father is not Iberian, the jamón will be considered 50% Iberian. When the father and mother are both 100% Iberian breed, then the jamón is 100% Iberian breed, only in the latter case.
  3. Feeding: only the Iberian pig can be classified according to feeding, since it may vary depending on the case, independently of the breed. The white pig always follows the same diet, but the final result, i.e. its flavor and texture, although it may be similar, will depend on the quality of the raw material and the care received by the farmer.

Cerdo Ibérico y Cerdo Blanco

Furthermore, the meat of Iberian pigs is unique in the world thanks to the genetic capacity of this species to infiltrate the fat into the muscle and, although this gift is innate to all Iberian pigs, thanks to the acorn-fed (“bellota”) diet and the exercise they do in the “montanera” the process and results in a even juicier meat with more aroma.

Flavour nuances between Jamón de Bellota and Jamón de cebo

You only have to try a slice of Jamón ibérico de cebo and a slice Jamón de Bellota Ibérico to notice the nuances because, although both are very oily, the second one will practically melt in your mouth when it comes into contact with your palate, and you will experience a great sensation! And if you have never eaten jamón and do not want to rely only on taste, do not forget that jamón is protected by law and we explain everything about it in the article on regulations, flanges and labeling of jamón.

What is the best jamón?

Although we insist on the excellent quality of Jamón de Bellota Ibérico, this does not mean that it is the one you are going to like the most. At Enrique Tomás we believe that the best jamón is the one you like best. That is why we offer you a wide range of products in different formats. You can choose which one is the best for you. In short, if you ask yourself which is the best Iberian jamón in the world, we will tell you that it is the one your palate likes the most.

Our advice: If you like your bites not very juicy, the cebo is the most suitable one for you. On the other hand, if you like to notice a more oily texture and a more intense flavor on your palate, we recommend Jamón de Bellota ibérico. Now, you know, buy just what you are looking for and let the experts in our stores advise you!

For a Jamón tasting at home, at Enrique Tomás we have everything you need! Take a look at any of our ready sliced packs and prepare an Iberian evening to discover which is your type of jamón.

Tabla de ibéricos y frutas de temporada

The use of this type of jamón in our gastronomy

How to eat Jamón ibérico ? Very simple! Whether it is Jamón de Bellota ibérico or Jamón de cebo ibérico, we always recommend that you eat it ALONE, so that you can enjoy its flavor, aroma and texture 100%. In bars and restaurants, it is one of the most exquisite and highly demanded tapas.

At home, if you have the whole piece, one of the pleasures of life is to cut a slice of a thickness neither too thin nor too thick and take it directly to your mouth. You will enjoy it like never before! You can also cut several slices, prepare a good platter and surprise your friends or family with a good jamón dish for snacks, lunch or dinner.

Even if you eat it alone, in the following post we also recommend the best accompaniments for jamón. Take a look!

Adding jamón to your recipes

Adding Iberian jamón to your everyday recipes is perfect. You will gain in flavor, intensity and nutritional properties. Even so, we recommend that you DO NOT COOK it, neither in the microwave nor in the frying pan. The jamón will lose its flavor and texture nuances. Introduce it in your recipes as if you were going to eat it as a slice or take advantage of it and play with other formats such as jamón shavings or diced jamón. The result will also be delicious!

In our blog you will find all kinds of dishes so that you can start cooking with jamón: healthy recipes, seasonal dishes, traditional dishes, innovative ideas, etc.

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The Jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham) is the one that is obtained from the hind legs of the authentic iberian pigs of our peninsula, Yet there are qualities and differences

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