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How much does a professional ham carver charge [Price List]

cuánto cobra un cortador de jamón

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Is there life – and above all, Experts in ham carving – after Florencio Sanchidrián?

Yes! of course

What there won’t be is money in your pocket, since he charges around 4,000 euros per piece sliced.

The truth is that this profession requires a lot of patience and love for the jamón. Not only is there a lot of science behind the cutting of this “precious delicacy inside and outside our pantries”, as Florencio calls it. In fact, the experience of the expert or maestro cortador (as we call it in Spain), the capacity with which the product is handled and many other factors determine the salary of a ham carving expert.

Here at Enrique Tomás, before detailing how much this maestro charges, we start by discovering what he/she does and what differences there are with a ham expert producer or maestro jamonero (in Spain). Anyway, we already told you that you won’t have to spend 4,000 euros to have your ham cut at home. We do it just as well and for much less. 🙂 Don’t worry!

What the price of a professional ham carving expert depends on?

Jamón is not only a delicious food, it’s an A-R-T. So let’s use an artistic analogy for these two important professions; the maestro jamonero is the producer, the artist who takes care of the ham from the choice of the pieces, through the salting phases, to the cellar and the final market.

The maestro cortador, on the other hand, is the sculptor, the expert in carving this exquisite sculpture. What’s more, if you really want to appreciate the authentic flavour of a good ham, then you have to leave it in the hands of a professional ham carver, because he/she will make sure you can enjoy your jamón to the full. Why? Because a perfect cut is capable of bringing out all its flavour.

Having said that, let’s explain how much a ham carver expert charges. Let’s do it!

All those indications that seem to us to be a complicated gadget like placing correctly the leg into the ham stand, making a transversal cut, removing the layer of rancidity and fat, separating the meat from the bone with the deboning knife. They are the daily bread and butter- or rather the ham – of every day of a professional ham carver. It may seem obvious, but the more experience and the more the expert has internalized the slicing process, the higher the salary of a professional ham carver will be.

Although, careful! behind the price of a ham carver there is much more, because the knowledge of this professional is not limited to following a few key movements while cutting the ham.

A professional ham carver is also different from an amateur because he/she has to know the types of ham and their denominations of origin. Clearly, an Iberian ham de cebo is not the same as one Iberico de cebo de campo, and the expert will know perfectly the type of cut that will bring out the taste of that particular type of ham.

Another important factor that contributes to the salary of the ham carver is that he/she carries three quality tools with him/her, or rather the three great allies for cutting top quality ham: the knife sharpener, the deboning knife, and the ham knife. These three instruments are fundamental in order not to alter the quality of the piece and to respect its organoleptic qualities.

The shape of the cuts will also be impeccable, as it will make them very attractive. What does that mean? That elegance is another essential virtue in their profession.

Did you know that a ham of five kilos is used for little more than two? With a professional ham carver you can be sure that you will fully enjoy those two kilos, as he/she will know perfectly how to take advantage of your piece of jamón.

In short, you know what the salary of a professional ham carver depends on: years of experience, professionalism and elegance in cutting, knowledge of the product and maximum use of the piece. Not bad, right? 😉

cortar jamón

Prices of Iberian ham carvers

At Enrique Tomás we have not only the best quality hams, but also services with professional ham carvers. We can come to your parties or your special event, so if you are wondering how much a professional ham carver charges at a wedding? We leave our prices here to clarify all your doubts:

Jamón de Bellota 100% Iberian Breed Jamón de Cebo de Campo Ibérico 50% Iberian breed Jamón de Cebo Ibérico 50% Iberian breed
Kit for ham slicing Kit for ham slicing Kit for ham slicing
Ham carver Ham carver Ham carver
Trays Trays Trays
Slicing service: 2h Slicing service: 2h Slicing service: 2h
649€ 500€ 450€

We also offer a hand or machine slicing service for all types of ham, from Gran Reserva Ham, Iberian Cebo, Cebo Campo Ibérico or Acorn 100% Iberian. You can consult all the prices here.

Events in which to include Iberian ham

We believe that a ham is synonymous with pure pleasure, because “nobody eats jamón to satisfy their hunger”, that’s why any type of event or private or public celebration is a good excuse for a jamón, and with it a professional ham carver that makes it perfect. Weddings, congresses or fairs, civil ceremonies, birthdays, inaugurations, company events… Any occasion is good to include Iberian ham cut in real time. This is the only way to enjoy all its flavour. Because you know that the best way to eat jamón is on the spot. Cut and eat, even better without even putting it on a plate.

At Enrique Tomás we have the best ham carver for your party

With Enrique Tomás you can hire the best professional ham carver for your event. Besides, you won’t have to worry about anything: they will come with a ham kit, knives and trays. You can also ask us how to buy a ham, buy a ham shoulder, but also other cured meats, cheeses, wines and cavas. Take advantage of our services and quality products: enter our online shop and discover all our fantastic products!


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In Enrique Tomás we explain how much a ham carver charges. Let's do it!

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