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Christmas Hampers

How to follow traditions during a pandemic at Christmas

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After a horrible year for everyone, we are about to get to the most magical and awaited time of the year for many, especially the youngest in the house: Christmas.  We ask ourselves how is it going to be? should we stay at home? can we invite or be invited? how many people? will our elderly relatives be able to come and share with us Christmas, St. Stephen’s Day or New Year’s Eve table? We would like to have all these questions answered.  But the truth is that nobody knows for sure.  After months of restrictions with greater or lesser impact on our lives caused by the virus of COVID 19, of the swaying of measures taken by the health authorities of each country, we only know one thing and that is, that the virus will still be there and that Christmas is coming back and that we will have to adapt to this situation in order to celebrate it as best as possible and preserve the health of our loved ones. Now, more than ever, we have to highlight that capacity for resilience that characterises us as human beings and seek the alternatives that are within our reach to preserve our most cherished Christmas traditions.

How to plan the unplannable

One thing is certain, we should limit family reunions to the maximum and with our closest and most intimate circle, safeguarding the most vulnerable people for health and age reasons according to medical criteria.  If we practice good sense and caution, we are sure to do our best. We will be able to do everything we always do for Christmas, but without having the big family meetings, or at least a part of them at home in person and another part telematically thanks to the technologies we have at our disposal. Now more than ever, let’s get that Christmas spirit out and share it in any way we can. Maybe we won’t put an extra cutlery on the table anymore but we’ll put a tablet instead with us or send a gift to those we can’t have at home to tell them that we miss them and that we care about them being well and safe.

If you are one of those who wants to have everything tied up and foresee in time, this pandemic is making it very difficult for you on this side too. But it is important that you do not get overwhelmed and that you let things go by, because  the destiny and what is to come are always unpredictable anyway; if you think about it, the only advantage of all this is that now you know in advance and you can adapt.

Please note…

If you are a large family, as far as food is concerned, you should think about shopping differently and in a more personalised way.  This is also very positive given the fragile employment situation that many families are experiencing as a result of the economic havoc caused by the pandemic.  Let’s reserve what we can for special and original gifts, and given the circumstances perhaps the best thing is to give gastronomic pleasures as they are something that we will surely be able to enjoy without waiting for better times.


Plan your Christmas dinner and lunch equally but with fewer people. Make a list of what you’re going to cook, if you usually go invited, try to do it at home with your family, take it as a new way to learn, to teach those around you and to enjoy those closest to you. If one thing the hard confinement has taught us is that we have an infinite capacity to create and to look for new ways to share and to know better our couple, our children in spite of the difficulty of the moment.

Christmas gifts with tradition

If the best gift at Christmas is to be able to spend it with our loved ones and this year we can’t, the important thing is to know that they are still there and that one day, sooner rather than later, we will all get together again to make up for lost time. While we surprise them with ham, buying ham as a gift is very typical at this time of year in our culture. Companies give it as a gift when they buy Christmas Hampers for their employees, for their most loyal customers, children give it to their parents or parents send it to their children who live far away. And now are times in which we have experienced the generosity of many people, who in one way or another have looked after our own, our welfare without expecting anything in return for a vocation to simply serve.

A Christmas without Jamón/ham is not Christmas! I’m sure you’ve used this expression more than once. Iberian ham is our gastronomic jewel, our culinary stronghold that best represents us and which we usually miss a lot when we are away from home, especially at Christmas. How better to remain faithful to tradition and give pleasure to someone we love!

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In a pandemic year let us not lose our traditions but let us adapt for the sake of our own, for the sake of all.


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